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by Al Brodax. (2004). The story behind the making of the Yellow Submarine movie written by the producer of the movie.
Al writes this stunning book in the first person. As producer and co-writer,
with Erich Segal, HE WAS THERE. A wonderful book, a great read. He spends his time 'off stage' with the Beatles as buddies, just to 'hang with'. The reader shares a special time he
spent with The Beatles through the Cartoon Series through Yellow Submarine.
Al and his international band of talented artists produced an iconic
animated motion picture and this book tells the story of how they did it.
Fellow producer Irwin Winkler (the Rocky series & The Right Stuff) says
"experience the heaven and hell of filmmaking and Brodax's unique
one on one time with The Beatles...sad, funny, in many ways, a thriller...BRAVO!!!
Mr. Brodax, a former guest at the FEST passed away in 2016. This book tells us how animated Beatles actually came about. 1/15/2018 Out of Print. Only 2 copies left.

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