• The Weeklings

    In Concert on Sunday

    Appearing in concert on Sunday Afternoon, The Weeklings — consisting of Glen Burtnik and John Merjave from LIVERPOOL, Bob Burger, and Joe Bellia — will be playing songs the Beatles wrote but never recorded as well as their Beatle-esque originals. Be Part of The Weeklings Q & A Session in the Discussion Room ¬†early Sunday afternoon. They’ll also be selling copies of their latest album, Studio 2, recorded at Abbey Road Studio 2!




    2015 – New York Metro, Chicago
    2016 – New York Metro, Chicago
    2017 – New York Metro




    Performing the Lennon/McCartney composition “That Means A Lot” at the 2015 Chicago Fest –





    ¬†Their video for “You Know What To Do” –



    The official video for “Little Tease” –



    Performing the Lennon/McCartney composition “I’m In Love” –



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