• Neil Innes

    Musician, Comedian, Actor

    Neil Innes was a member of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and worked with Paul, who produced one of their hits, I’m The Urban Spaceman. He wrote many of the music for Monty Python, appeared in skits, and was considered the 7th Python. In 1978,  Eric Idle wrote a film about a fictitious band, called The Rutles. It is the greatest parody of the Beatles ever. Neil wrote all of the music for their All You Need is Cash movie/CD. 16 years later, Neil attended his first FEST and was ‘stunned’ at the response to him and his music. So much so, that he was inspired to go back to the vaults and complete what became The Rutles Archaeology CD. Neil is one of our all time favorite guests and after a nine year absence, we are delighted to welcome him back to The FEST.


    A message from Neil:

    “I am SO looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago this August. Beatle Fans are simply the best because deep down they know it was the Rutles who actually started it all. No other music fans have such a genuine sense of humour or the willingness to embrace so warmly the idea of spreading Peace and Love.
    We all need lots of Peace and Love these days – don’t we?
    I can’t wait!.  xx Neil”