• Louise Harrison

    Author of "My Kid Brother's Band...a.k.a. The Beatles"


    George’s big sister is the author of the recently published book, My Kid Brother’s Band…a.k.a. The Beatles. This year, Louise, who moved to Illinois in early 1963, is going to read some of her “Letters From Mum”, which were keeping her informed on what was happening with the family and, of course, with George’s exploding musical journey. Lou has put them on a CD which she will be offering at the FEST. She would love to hear letters her Mum wrote to fans, so if you still have yours, let us know and bring them along.

    Lou will also do a talk in the Ashram about the spiritual side of George. She is again bringing along her grandson, Tory Rodgers, who shares a resemblance to and encapsulates the spirit of his Grand Uncle George. We are always delighted to welcome back members of the family.




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    Louise talks about George and the Beatles on CNN: