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  • How has The Beatles' message and spiritual teachings transcended to today, 50 years later? Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream to find your inner light in The Fest's first-ever Ashram.
    Located on the second floor, Regency Room, Grand Hyatt.

    Learn about the Transcendental Meditation technique, the spiritual avenue popularized by The Beatles on their well-known trip to India to study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. TM is a mantra-based twice-daily meditation, and there will be introduction sessions throughout the weekend to learn more.

    Also on their trip to India was PRUDENCE FARROW, the subject of Dear Prudence,  who will be telling her story in the Ashram over the course of the weekend. DONOVAN, who taught The Beatles some new guitar tricks on this very same trip, will speak about Meditation and The White Album in the main ballroom on Sunday. Throughout the weekend, the room will feature today's yoga and mindfulness innovators as they share their practices of yoga, sound healing, poetry and words of wisdom.

    Curated by Michelle Joni



    Prudence Farrow, who is famously known as the subject of the song “Dear Prudence,” was with The Beatles in India in 1968 when the band studied Transcendental Meditation under the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Farrow’s dedication to her spiritual practice remains to this day. She has a PhD in Sanskrit and teaches Transcendental Meditation in Florida. In the Ashram at The Fest, Farrow will give a four-part talk about her experiences with The Beatles, and will share about the Transcendental Meditation Program. She’ll also join Donovan on Sunday afternoon for a Q&A during his lecture “Meditation and the White Album.” We're pleased to be welcoming Prudence, who will be with us for the entire weekend.


    Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream with this yogi who's been teaching her signature Beatles classes at The NY Metro Fest for the past four years. This summer, Pause is publishing her first book, one about the way music moves our bodies with yoga, and accompanying the book will be an album she has put together of various artists who recorded Beatles covers. Proceeds from album will go to George Harrison's UNICEF fund.


    Sara’s teaching focuses on the therapeutic aspects of yoga. She provides refined guidance on alignment, well-crafted challenges, and sweet invitations of release, while balancing playful wit with deep respect for the bodies and souls in practice with her. Her thorough and precise teaching style provides an individualized experience and empowers students to transform their bodies and lives both on and off the mat. Sara is currently assisting Elena Brower's Advanced Teacher Training at Virayoga while pursuing her love of music by studying Sound Healing at The Sound and Music Institute in New York City. For more information visit


    Margaret Nichols is a spiritual teacher, speaker + advanced Oneness trainer. She translates ancient wisdom to practical applications, providing freedom from the mind and divine connection in daily life. In this session, she'll be translating the wisdom of George Harrison.


    Collage artist, poet and Fest staff member since she was just 17, Deco brings the Chicago Poetry Jam tradition to NYC. We showcase original writing, dramatic readings of Beatles' lyrics and performance art... Poems and prose and other creative interpretations. Bring yourself, bring your work, bring your spirit of spontaneity. This year’s Theme: "Beatles Anniversaries: My First Time." 


    Odetta Hartman grew up sharing a piano bench with her dad, singing songs from "Oklahoma!" and listening through stacks of Phil Spector '45s. Dancing in the back room, her mother taught her to revere Emmylou, Dolly, Wanda and Lucinda. For 18 years, she studied classical violin at Third Street Music School in New York City. When her mom came home with a nylon string bartered for $10 off Ave A, she began playing guitar. Fast forward: 2013 was a big year -- with the concurrent release of her debut EP, Tally Marks, and a collaborative record, "Weather," with Albuquerque's own desert rock stars, Young Lungs. A follow-up EP, recorded at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen, as well as another project with producer Jack Inslee, are both due out winter 2014.


    Daniela is a facilitator and movement catalyst,specializing in play-based problem solving. With a BA in Psychology, an MA in Expressive Arts Consulting & Coaching, and a certification in Holistic Health Counseling and somatic movement,she has leveraged her integrative skill set and international education to encourage creativity, clarity, purpose, and well-being with the many groups and individuals she has been fortunate to encounter. Daniela has created and executed experiential education, embodiment, leadership, and rapid solutions initiatives, working with emerging adults, mission-driven organizations, with Capgemini (a prestigious consulting firm which serves Fortune 500 companies) and with Agent of Change (a progressive for-purpose events production company).

    Yoga mats courtesy of Lululemon.



    5:00 Silent Meditation and Reading Zone
    6:00 The DEAR PRUDENCE Story Part One: Going To India, Meeting The Beatles
    Transcendental Meditation Introduction Session
    7:00 Cosmically Conscious video series from the David Lynch Foundation


    10:30 Silent Meditation and Reading Zone
    11:30 The DEAR PRUDENCE Story Part Two: Adventures in India with The Beatles And Others
    Transcendental Meditation Introduction Session
    12:45 Sound Healing Hatha Yoga with SARA AUSTER. All levels.
    1:40 Children’s Yoga Class - Swim through an Octopus’s Garden with with MACKENZIE PAUSE ( 4+)
    2:10 “My Sweet Lord” by MARGARET NICHOLS, a talk on modern spirituality + intro to Deeksha
    3:00 Beatles Poetry Jam with DECO FREEMAN. Bring your spoken art. Theme: “My First Time”
    4:00 Sound Shower with SARA AUSTER - Various instruments are used in these individual 5-minute
    sessions to apply healing frequencies on and around the body. Realigns and harmonizes.
    5:00 Silent Meditation and Reading Zone
    6:15 The DEAR PRUDENCE Story Part Three: Learning about the song “Dear Prudence”
    Transcendental Meditation Introduction Session
    7:15 Cosmically Conscious video series from the David Lynch Foundation


    10:30 Silent Meditation and Reading Zone 11:30 The DEAR PRUDENCE Story Part Four: Hearing “Dear Prudence”the First Time, Song Reflections Transcendental Meditation Introduction Session
    12:45 All You Need Is Love Yoga - Rhythmic yoga to Beatles melodies with MACKENZIE PAUSE. All levels.
    1:30 Children’s Yoga Class - Frolic in Strawberry Fields with MACKENZIE PAUSE (4+)
    2:20 Let It Be, The Later Years Yoga, from Revolver to the bittersweet end.MACKENZIE PAUSE. All levels.
    3:10 1st Listening Party + Book Reading. All You Need Is Yoga by MACKENZIE PAUSE. Heart-opening excerpts, hear unreleased tracks from the accompanying tribute album for George’s UNICEF fund.
    3:50 ODETTA HARTMAN’S Pre-Cavern Show Singalong, Free-Dance by DANIELA KATE PLATTNER
    4:30 Silent Meditation and Reading Zone
    6:00 DEAR PRUDENCE Meet + Greet Signing Party in the Ashram
    7:30 Cosmically Conscious video series from the David Lynch Foundation